A Better Way to buy Silver

Since we began recommending silver to our clients in 1993, more than two million dollars’ worth of silver coins and bars have passed through our hands.  We buy from dealers and on eBay, and we sell to Lyoness members and other customers.  For the past twenty years we have sold 1-ounce silver eagles and pre-1965 90% silver “junk” dimes, quarters, and half dollars, all of which we examined, cleaned, and packaged. 


We discovered that not everyone wanted to buy shiny coins that had been cleaned and restored to at least a portion of their former glory.  The process is expensive, and we had to charge more for our work.  It was time to come up with a better way.


We now offer three classes of coins, 'AAA', 'A' and 'B'.  The Class ‘A’ coins are those we sold up to late 2011; they have been cleaned and are generally in very good condition.  The 'AAA' coins are either in almost pristine condition (uncirculated) or are proof coins in excellent condition.  They may also be specially packaged recent coins like BU (Brilliant Uncirculated) silver eagles.


However, most of our clients prefer  Class ‘B’ coins.  These coins are less expensive because they may have a little more wear and have not been cleaned.  They will be packaged in paper tubes instead of the plastic collector’s tubes we ordinarily use.  The savings over Class ‘A’ coins will be significant.  You will receive a better coin than you might expect from a dealer because we have culled out all the damaged and heavily worn coins that find their way into almost every lot. You will pay a price much closer to the actual melt value of silver than you have previously done.


All the silver and gold coins we sell to my clients have been checked for radioactivity. We know of no other dealer who provides this service.  Many people believe that precious metals absorb radiation, and then can contaminate everything around them.  We return coins that have too high a reading on our radiation detector. We perform this service at no cost to you.


On the next page, "Types of Coins Available,"  we explain the various grades we have invented for the coins  we offer.