Class ‘B’ coins include Franklin and JFK halves, FDR dimes, and Washington quarters. Class ‘B’ coins must still have at least 96% of their original weight and be free from damage.

Silver and Currencies subscribers almost always receive Class 'B' coins.

Class ‘A’ coins are almost exclusively FDR dimes, Washington quarters, Kennedy halves, Morgan or Peace silver dollars, and regular strike 1-ounce silver eagles.  These coins are considered Uncirculated or Almost Uncirculated, and are usually beautiful.

Occasionally we are able to purchase coins we grade as Class 'A' at good discounts.  When we do so, we will substitute Class 'A' coins for the regular Class 'B' coins at no additional charge.

NOTE: the coins in this picture are exceptional examples of Class ‘A’ coins.

Class ‘AAA’ coins are the best of the best, including uncirculated and proof coins, commemoratives, BU-graded (Brilliant Uncirculated) silver eagles, Proof Buffalo 1-ounce coins, and more. The coins in the photo include proof State quarters (90% silver). 

Class 'AAA' coins are available to Silver and Currencies subscribers only when you place a special order.  These coins make great wedding, birthday, anniversary, and graduation gifts.

Types of Coins available