Value for Your money

We live in a time of roller-coaster financial markets, economic uncertainty, and financial crises.  Many people struggle to save money for retirement.  Many are concerned that the benefits they have been promised upon retirement will not be there when they need them.

Others are concerned about the future of the dollar.  It is true that we cannot continue to borrow and spend forever.  A day of reckoning will come, and it will not be pleasant for millions of Americans.

Throughout history, gold and silver have been a store of value for people all over the world.  These precious metals cannot be created by government order; instead, they must be found, extracted from the earth, and refined before they have value.

Gold is famous as money itself.  Governments everywhere accumulate thousands of tons of the yellow metal as a hedge against uncertainty.  Because gold is scarce, and because so many people deem it to be money, it has value.  Because it is so expensive, most of its uses are for bullion and for jewelry.

Silver, on the other hand, is extremely inexpensive relative to gold.  Like gold, it is also very popular for bullion and jewelry, but with silver there is a significant difference.  Silver has thousands of industrial uses, and in many of them it is a critical component for which there are no substitutes.  For this reason silver has a value all its own.  Unlike gold, the scarcity of silver seems to be increasing.  We are not producing as much as we consume.

There are, then, three good reasons for buying pre-1965 U.S. 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars:

1. They are legal tender of the United States Government.

2. They are made of a precious metal which has intrinsic value independent of any paper currency, including the U.S. Dollar.

3. Because they are silver, they are made of a scarce commodity with a dwindling supply.

For these and other reasons silver may be the investment of a lifetime.  It can rise in value due to inflation, increased industrial demand and growing scarcity, or because the U.S. dollar is threatened with extinction.  Silver is your "safety net;" when the stores will no longer accept dollars, they will accept your silver dimes and quarters because they have intrinsic value.

We recommend that you keep your silver in a safe place at home, preferably in a good-quality safe you purchase from a safe dealer.  Under the PATRIOT Act your safety deposit box at the bank is no longer safe from our government's Asset Seizure program, which currently nets more than $5 billion per year literally stolen from American citizens.

The Silver and Currencies program allows Americans like us to quietly accumulate a well-know precious metal in a very popular and instantly recognizable form.  Your purchase will be made monthly, enabling you to accumulate your silver and utilize Dollar Cost Averaging while you do so.  Your purchase will be accumulated, and shipped to you every three months. You will also enjoy Lyoness benefits with every purchase.

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